Upgrading from 1.2.0 to trunk

  • Hi I have set up a new fog server after our last one died on us unexpectedly. I installed fog 1.2.0 and then followed the guide on how to upgrade to fog trunk here using the SVN method.

    i ran these commands which seemed to update my fog install

    Install as seen in SVN

    svn co https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/trunk /some/local/folder

    Then navigate to the folder you specified and run:

    sudo /some/local/folder/bin/./installfog.sh

    But there are the following commands underneath that i have no idea if i need to run or not.

    Update to latest

    cd /some/local/folder/
    svn up
    cd bin

    NOTE: You must run svn up in the "/some/local/folder/" and not in ".../fog/bin" nor in ".../fog"

    if someone could help me out and clear this up for me and let me know if i have done things wrong or right.

    thanks in advance

  • Moderator

    @xcvtop On the WebGUI if you click on FOG Configuration it should tell you when you’re no longer up to date (and what version the newest is). Although I’ve found I have to refresh the page after navigating to it before it will tell me so.

  • @Sebastian-Roth

    sorry about the syntax i just copied from the guide.

    is there anyway to get notifications on when new versions are released?

    thanks for your help by the way

  • Senior Developer

    @xcvtop said:

    Update to latest

    You already posted the answer yourself but probably didn’t notice. FOG trunk is under development and new fixes are applied daily (sometimes several times!). With svn co ... you cloned/checked out/downloaded the most current version of FOG trunk and ran the installer (guess you didn’t have any issues with that). So FOG is installed and ready to go.

    As of writing this there is probably already a newer version online. Now you have the choice to just explore FOG and use it as you have it installed. Or you can update to the latest version again. There is no need to do this if everything is working fine. But as we are in the process of getting FOG ready for the next release there are probably still some bugs in the current code that we try to find. Possibly you run into one of them and will let us know in the forum. We’ll then fix it and ask you to update to latest again to see if it is fixed.

    Long story short, Don’t worry about those later steps just now. But keep those in mind if you ever want to upgrade/update to the latest version.

    PS: The Syntax you used to highlight some of the text is mostly used for code/syntax/command statements. Just for you to know. You might confuse people a little bit by using it the other way round… 😉