• Hi guys, I’m pretty new to fog and all of its features so my apologizes in advance if this is a newbie/stupid question.

    At my place of work we have different software packages for the teachers to create and grade exams, the install discs contain multiple folders so I compressed them into one .exe file using SFXMaker that unzips and installs it like it would from the cd. I’m able to open and install it if I click it manually but I’m having problems getting fog to install it on a client computer.

    I already modified my fog server to be able to accept larger snap ins, and I was able to successfully install the fog client on the computer I’m trying to put the software on. I make a new task to install the snap in, and according to the fog log in the c drive and the network usage monitor, the computer DOES receive the install file, but it never runs, therefore never actually installs. The task stays active until I reboot the computer, but the program still isn’t installed. Any ideas? Am I making a stupid mistake? Help please??

  • @frankcaputo Also, what client are you using?

  • What version of fog (NOT LATEST but EXACT Version please)?

  • Senior Developer

    @frankcaputo Can you post the client log file? (C:\fog.log), or at least the Snapin section where it tries running it.

  • Does anyone have any idea whats happening here? I’m very lost.