Unable to deploy image -> Logical Partition Error

  • Hi all,

    We have an image with an extended and some logical partitions. This image can deploy on some machines ok but on another, even with the same specs, it would not. This was with Fog 1.2. The error that would flash by was something along the line of “Invalid logical partition number”.

    To try and fix this we upgraded to FOG 1.3 from Git. The installation now fails with a different error about the logical partition but this time mention partclone as the utility that failed.

    From what we can gather this may have something to do with GPT/MBR drives. The image is MBR but the drives were previously partitions with GPT, although this step in the process seems to go fine according to the console messages. (Again the message disappear to quickly for us to note them down accurately and we are unaware of how to find the log related to them.).

    In the end we overcame the problem by creating a new image and using physical partitions only. It would be good to know where to begin to start unraveling this problem. i.e its is generally hard to troubleshoot problems with fog. Is there some check list somewhere?


  • Senior Developer

    @mxc Logical partitions were an issue with FOG 1.2.0 when OS type was set to Windows as far as I can remember.

    Best to debug things is to start the job/task in debug mode. When creating a capture/deploy task there is a checkbox “Schedule task as a debug task”. Starting the client you’ll get to a linux shell and you can start the task running the command fog from there (description will be displayed as well). Then you can step through the whole process by hitting ENTER. As well taking a picture or video (slow motion!) is always a great way to find out what’s going wrong. When reporting an error we need the exact error message (plus FOG version, server OS, image type and OS type) to be able to understand and reproduce the error.

    GPT/MBR is a big chapter. GPT often leaves traces on the disk that might cause an issue. There is a tool called fixparts that you can use from the debug shell as well.