SOLVED Requirements for "Single Disk (Resizable)" Image Type

  • Hi there,

    We have a training lab with a range of generic machines which we want to image via FOG. The machines all run Ubuntu Linux. When creating an new image we can;t get the “Single Disk (Resizable)” option to work. It just fails to upload. What does the "Single Disk (resizable) mean? I am assuming a single disk with multiple partitions - i.e. an already installed “master”.

    What are the requirements that make a single disk resizable? We create the image in a VM with a 20GB disk and would like the partitions to expand to fill up the entire disk on the lab machines if possible.


  • Hi @Sebastian-Roth

    That fixed it 👍 Thanks for your and Tom’s assistance.

  • @Sebastian-Roth I’ll probably add back the exact error reporting so we can see and have more useful info. My intent with how it is now was to not put the system into an infinite waiting period that would never work.

  • Senior Developer

    @mxc The “Updating database” error is happing due to wrong FTP credentials in most cases…

  • Hi @Tom-Elliott

    Sorry, I mentioned it on the other post. I should have put it here too. It was version 6557 but I have since upgraded to fix the white screen of death bug. I am not at the office now so can’t get the exact version but it was less than 3 hours ago that I did a git pull.


  • @mxc I still have no idea what version you’re running on.

  • Hi @Tom-Elliott

    Just to let you know I tried to upload a non-resizable image and it too failed after the upload on the “Update database” step as well. I couldn’t see anything in the mysql log files.

    Maybe one of my tables is corrupted?


  • @Tom-Elliott I didn’t have my cell phone with me but the upload fails on the reboot when it i says it is resetting the partition sizes. It fails saying

    “Updating data - Failed” or something like that. Basically it looks like it fails trying to update the db after a successful upload and resize?

    Will bring my phone tomorrow.

  • First,

    I think we need the exact version of FOG you’re using. This is in the cloud on the GUI. It should be a 4 digit number for now.

    There are no logs to grab, unfortunately. This is because the imaging system is it’s own linux OS as well.

    A video of the process should suffice, and if your have an iPhone you can even record the video in slow motion.

    Of you can even task the job as debug, which would not reboot and will pause after many different items.

  • Hi @Sebastian-Roth,

    Thanks for the reply. I will be able to test again tomorrow. Where can I get log files for the failed uploads and downloads to get more data? I can watch the screen but its usually too fast to get the exact error message.

    The one thought I had was that if it is going to resize the partitions and then extend the file system it will probably only be able to extend the last partition to take up the full space available? If so I will try with an image where the last partition is the root partition and put the swap etc in the front of the drive.


  • Senior Developer

    @mxc From what I read between the lines you are trying to use the resizable option for the right case. Please let us know the exact error you are seeing. Text or even a picture! Otherwise we won’t be able to find out what goes wrong.

    We have been working on the resizable stuff lately. So you might want to upgrade to the very latest version and see if this fixes the issue. Please let us know.