What is the best way to manage both environments with the Fog?

  • We currently have a computer with an HD 4TB, where, through the XenServer virtualized 2 virtual machines with 2 TB each one where we use the Fog for administrative environment and one for the academic environment. What better way to make this division?

  • @danilopinotti So the admin network and the academic network are on two different broadcast domains, and maybe even further separated logically via Vlans.

    Then you just need a FOG server with two network interfaces (and connect each one to each network). You’d have two storage groups, and in each of those, one master node each, pointing to the exact same directory, but a different interface and IP for each (for the two network interfaces). I think it could work.

    Or, just totally separate out the admin images and academic images. Have a storage group for each, and put each one on it’s appropriate interface and IP, and give them each a separate folder.

    But Tom is probably right, the location plugin would be far more simple - just have two fog servers, one just a storage node for academic. Set each up as a location, and maybe even give each their own storage group, and make each the master of their group.

    Lots of options.

    But - the thing that I’m most concerned with is keeping the domain information straight. You’ll really, really need to pay attention to that - or you might find all of your computers joined to one or the other domains… and that wouldn’t be good at all. So there’s a whole lot of possibility for a really large failure with this setup.

  • We already use a standardized nomenclature of the institution:
    C -> Short campus name
    D… -> Department or laboratory name
    NN -> Short operating system name as W7 for Windows 7 or LX for Linux
    xx -> Machine Number
    Ex: GP-LAB1-W715

    The problem is that our network is subdivided and the network of academics do not have any access to employees network.
    I was thinking of making two virtual machines with Fog, one on each network and Storage on another computer to save all images.

  • If you’re very, very, very (did I say very?) attentive to detail, you can manage multiple domains with FOG.

    I’d use a naming scheme that will allow you to identify administrative machines and academic machines.

    ac = academic
    ad - administrative
    xxxxx = room number
    yy = building abbreviation
    zz = campus abbreviation

    for instance,

    Of course, this is just an example, but if you put your ac or ad first, you could then search in FOG “ac” and put all those hosts into the “Academic” group and then apply the academic domain, username, and password on all of them at once. Same for administrative.

    Would I recommend doing this? Only if for some weird uncommon reason you can’t run 2 fog servers. I’d really recommend just keeping them separated. But it’s up to you.

  • I guess more info would be helpful.

    If it were me, I’d have hostnames and images to distinguish which one to use.

    Your setup can be done by using the location plugin though.