Getting WOL to work across WAN

  • Does anyone have any experience getting WOL packets to traverse cisco routers?

    Here are two articles I have found on it:



    Both make sense to me.

    My router for the LAN where my fog server resides is
    The router on a remote LAN where I’m testing is

    So I have configured with an ip helper-address of and I have configured ip directed-broadcast on I know these computers on the subnet can talk to the fog server already. They can register and such because has the ip helper for the dhcp server.

    Is there something I missed? Is there more to ip directed-broadcast other than just entering the command on the router’s interface?

  • You will probably need use something like wireshark and look for the packets to see how far they are getting.
    it uses UDP port 9 i believe so you may have to allow that to go in your router also.

    Also you may want to remember that allowing ip-directed broadcast has the ability to flood your network with broadcast across sub nets unless you put something in place to mitigate that.

  • Just an update on this…

    I still do not have it working across the WAN I’m working on. I’m pretty sure it has to do with other equipment (from the ISP) being in the way at this point.