Update Kernel fog 1.2.0 to SVN kernel

  • Hi,

    I’m running Fog 1.2.0 in my live environment and fog SVN in my testlab.
    With the new Dell Latitudes E5570, E7270 and E7470 that arrived a few days ago I’m having problems to deploy them with Fog 1.2.0.
    With Fog SVN it works fine.

    I tried to copy the bzimage, bzimage32, init.xz and init_32.xz from my FOG SVN server to the fog 1.2.0 server.
    When I do that I’m getting different errors when trying to image or register the new notebooks and older systems that worked before.

    When I try to register a notebook:
    “Unable to register host: Invalid Mac Address!”

    When i try to deploy a system:
    “No partition type passed (performRestore)”

    I’m having 6 storage nodes in 6 different locations so I would like to wait for a stable fog SVN before I upgrade to SVN on all locations.

    Any Ideas?

    Kind regards,

  • Moderator

    Just as an FYI, the bzImage and bzImage32 are the kenrels, the inits are (roughly) the virtual hard drives for the FOS (client) image. In your case you need to use the inits for 1.2.0 and then the newer kernels (bzImage). Tom is saying this should work, but the best chance is to just upgrade to the trunk if just copying the bzImages doesn’t work for you.