SOLVED Linux EXT4 FS partition not resizing (shrink) prior to upload

  • I created a CentOS7.1 VM and uploaded it 2015/10/01 . At that time, the EXT4 partitions were successfully resized & captured by FOG, set as Linux, Single disk - resizable.

    As of today with build 6339, capturing it simply says:

    Shrinking Partitions on disk
    Not shrinking (/dev/sda1) fixed size
    Not shrinking (/dev/sda2) fixed size
    Not shrinking (/dev/sda3) fixed size

    The file systems for sda1 and sda2 are both EXT4.

    The result in 2015/10/01 was an “Image Size on Client” of 2.5 GiB .
    The result today capturing the very same VM is an “Image Size on Client” of 115 GiB.

    Of course, attempting to deploy this new image to a HDD of lesser size results in the Part Clone error “Target partition is smaller than source …”

    I’m rolling back through kernels to try and find when it broke; nearly the entire list of kernels in FOG are dated December 20th, 2015, so I can’t tell which kernel it might have been that was in use at the time (2015/10/01).ymd

  • I want to add a caveat to this. I really don’t like relying on OS type as a defining factor. That said, 1.3.0 still relies on OS type to determine if it’s a valid resizable OS (Windows XP,Vista,7,8,8.1,10) and (Linux, Chromium OS). It also relies on the os type to determine the “fixed_size_partitions”. Of course the fixed_size_partitions file can be edited after the upload, but I am still under the impression we should really use it from the GUI. I will work on it, but for now I’m glad this is working.

  • Build 6351 did the trick. Thank you again for a great response time.

  • Inits updated in hopeful attempt to correct for this.

  • Found and pushing potential patch to correct for this.

  • It’s set for Linux, Single disk - resizable.

  • It’s got nothing to do with Kernels. Likely me doing something wrong, though I don’t know what. Is the OS set for LInux or a Windows OS?