6267 installfog.sh fails at Creating SSL Certificate

  • Github 6267 on Ubuntu 14

    From the fog_error_6267.log

    /opt/fog/snapins/ssl/fog.csr: No such file or directory

    I see another posting about the same issue for 6134, but it then goes on to talk about a different issue, so I’m making a new post.

    I took a snapshot before I pulled new from github, so I’m going to roll the snapshot back, but could easily recreate again if someone wants me to do further troubleshooting.

  • Was just updating, not a new install. No idea why, no idea if it’s still happening, I rolled my snapshot back and haven’t tried again.

  • Senior Developer

    Is this still happening? Why isn’t the CSR there? If it was there, why is it trying to recreate it? Was this a fresh install and this was noticed?

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