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  • Ubuntu 14.04, FOG r6255

    I am running one main server and one storage node which I both upgraded from 0.32.

    On the main server I set the max clients to 2.
    Same I did on the storage node.

    So 2 + 2 = 4 right?

    My dashboard only shows 2 free slots?

    Different scenario max clients:
    server = 2
    node = 3

    My dashboard shows 5 free slots.

  • @Tom-Elliott

    I have configured two nodes with 5 max. clients. The result should be 10 free slots in the dashboard.
    But the dashboard only shows 5 free slots.
    When the nodes have unequal number max. clients (e.g. 4 and 5) the free slots where sum up correctly.

  • Senior Developer

    @mp12 Unable to replicate, at all.

  • Ubuntu 14.04, FOG r7142

    Problem occurs in above version.

  • Thanks! Problem fixed.

  • Senior Developer

    @mp12 Maybe it’s the way I’m reading it, but I am allowed to make mistakes once in awhile?

    I’ve fixed the issue in current.

    Please update.

  • my config:

    node 1 is in group 1
    node 2 is in group 1

    both nodes, 1 and 2 have a max client of 2.
    As result the dashboard should show 4 free slots, right?

    My dashboard only shows 2 free slots.

  • Senior Developer

    This max slots setting is specific to the max clients per each node per group. For example, if node 1 has 2 open slots and node 2 has 3 open slots and both node 1 and node 2 are in the same group, the Max slots presented should be 5. If node 1 is in group 1 and node 2 is in group 2, the max clients on group 1 should show up as 2, and when you look at group 2 the ma clients should shift to 3. The group that the current selected node is within is what you see on the slot counter.

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