• Is there a way to mass change an image association? Such as any host with 4000WIN7 to 4000WIN10? SQL?

  • Also,

    From the image page, you can go to the image you want, and go to membership. Select all the hosts you want in that image assignment and add those hosts. A host can only be assigned to one image at a time, so all will automatically be “mass changed” as you described it.

  • @ITSolutions

    Thanks, that will do the trick. I think I was overthinking it.

  • Testers

    I just tested this and you can search by the name of the image associated tot he host. So create a group, add member and search for “4000WIN7” and add all the results. Then go to image association in the group change to “4000WIN10” all associated hosts will then be updated

  • Testers

    you could create a group and search for key words to add hosts then change the image association of the group. That will update each host even if you later delete the group the hosts will still have the new image association.