• Hi,

    I was wondering if someone was able to help me in regards to how FOG is specifically making a host boot to upload or obtain an image.

    We require hosts to boot to different PXE operating systems automatically depending on what role is required. I currently have a CENTOS box acting as a PXE service and currently have a simple menu being displayed if no option is selected after 5 seconds the computer automatically boots to the local Windows otherwise the other option loads a linux environment.

    When a task is set to image a drive in FOG the computer automatically knows on next PXE boot that it requires to boot to that option…can someone please explain how this is working as PXE is all new to me and I’m abit stumped 😞


  • PXE boot requests would need to be directed towards your FOG server. If an imaging task is scheduled, and the client is set to PXE boot, it will then begin the scheduled task. If no task is scheduled, you can have the FOG menu displayed for x seconds before booting into the client OS.

    [URL=‘http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Modifying_existing_DHCP_server_to_work_with_FOG’]Modifying existing DHCP server to work with FOG[/URL]

    Definitely check out the FOG wiki when you have the time (bookmark it!). It is a great resource!