Missing d1.mbr when upload new image -svn 6120

  • I need a little help from my fog friends. 😃
    Upgrade my svn to 6120 version this morning and upload 2 new image from 2 different computers (both using mbr: sda1=winre, sda2=C:, sda3=swap, sda4=/).
    When i did a deploy, i got:

    Image Store Corrupt: Unable to locate MBR (restorePartitionTablesAndBootLoaders)

    Looking at /image folder and comparing with other images (uploaded from 6110 version), this upload is missing d1.mbr file.

    My image settings still the same (6110=6120):
    OS: Linux
    Type: Single Disk Resizable
    Part: Everything
    Compression: 6

    maybe this upload process has left something behind. 😉

    If this can help: running the upload task in debug mode, I could see that the variable mbrfile and imgType are empty.
    My apologies but i can’t put any screenshot right now.

  • @Tom-Elliott It’s working now!!
    The upload process took “horrible” 15 minutes, and i was forced to drink a coffee…(everything is a reason for a coffee 🙂 )
    After uploaded a new image, d1.mbr was created.
    The image was sucessfully created and deployed.
    Thanks again.

  • Senior Developer

    @Tom-Elliott I’m also going to try to see if I can just generate the partition table from the requisite sfdisk file if the mbr is missing but the sfdisk file exists.

  • Senior Developer

    @Thiago Found, tested, and fixed.

    Please upgrade again and retest. Yes, I know, you have to reupload the image.

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Dual Boot Image (Win10/Debian8) using mbr bios.
    There are 4 partitions and my settings in fog are:

    • OS: 50 - Linux
    • Type: Single Disk Resizable
    • Partition: Everything
    • Compression: 6

    It worked at 6110 version. (same computer and settings)

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    What type of image is this?

  • The problem still in 6124 version

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