Requesting wiki access.

  • Hi Tom,

    Please create an account ID and password for me to put in ‘how tos’ related to the Client module, specifically working with Hardware Inventory and network printers.

    We run Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 on production and team member devices.

    On the backend we utilize Oracle running on an AS400 and will be converting from VFP to VB .dotNET.

    For our internal webserver we primarily use HTML5 + CSS3 ONLY on the landing pages with various menu options kicking off PHP programs. Though one of our team members may be doing some .dotNET + C#.

    I am big on documentation and have noticed that finding where to start with the ‘Client’ portion of Fog is not as obvious as it should be…either that or I just have not floundered to the right page of the wiki yet.

    Hoping to help others as I learn myself.

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