Move /images to /home/images?

  • Evening all

    I had an issue with the MySQL crashing which transpired to be due to disk filling up. I’m using CentOS 6.7 on VMWare 6.0 and the default partition scheme seems to be as follows.


    I’ve done a test on brand new VM and the same partition scheme as what I have shows.

    /images by default is on the root partition so I’ve only got 50GB to play with. Rather than wipe the machine and redo partitioning manually, can I move the /images folder to /home/images?

    I found this post which mentions symlinking which is one approach but wondering if the FOG team have a recommended method for handling this?

    In fact just now looking at the StorageManagement > DefaultMember settings the /images path is set there, is it as simple as editing the GUI here to the new path???

    regards Kiweegie.

  • @Wayne-Workman HI Wayne, we’re all good.

    Only steps needed to get this operational above and beyond your suggestions were to run exportfs -a after editing path in etc/exports and then making sure a .mntcheck file existed in each locaton /home/fog/images and /home/fog/images/dev

    regards Kiweegie

  • @Kiweegie Also modify your /opt/fog/.fogsettings file so that when you re-install / upgrade, your new location sticks. Everywhere you see /images just change it to /home/images

  • @Wayne-Workman ok I’ve tried moving per your suggestions. Will need to wait til I’m back in the office monday to test. I have made this change on the 2 master nodes - the storage nodes all run ubuntu and have a more “regular” partition scheme (to me at least 🙂 )

    I am assuming I don’t need to alter the storage nodes to /home/images also and that the master will still transfer via replication from /home/images on the master to /images on the storage node?

    Red the bigger drive suggestion our vmware storage at the remote sites is limited so that is the governing factor in the smaller hdd being used. The amount we have set is enough for the number of images we’re dealing with for now at least

    regards Kiweegie

  • @Kiweegie said:

    Or have I just had my eyes closed all this time?

    lol your eyes have been closed.

    CentOS 7 and Fedora 19+ have had this scheme. It’s not new.

    You can customize the partitioning easily during installation though. Now, I create a partition just for images. I will eventually (hopefully this weekend) update the wiki with a short video showing how to do it.

  • @Wayne-Workman Thanks Wayne will give that a go shortly. Im not opposed to rebuilding a server (I’m doing a storage node now) and I can easily expand the VM disk if needed. I was just hoping to save time as I’d already spent a fair bit of time rebuilding this particular machine and Tom Elliot chimed in with some assistance as the installer had some glitches.

    I’m curious as to why Centos suddenly (?) has this particular partition scheme. Or have I just had my eyes closed all this time? Entirely possible.

    cheers Kiweegie.

  • I’ve not tested but these steps should work.

    mv /images /home/images

    then in Storage Configuration -> [storage node name] -> Image path & ftp path, change it to the new path.

    Then, inside of /etc/exports change the lines /images and /images/dev to /home/images and /home/images/dev

    set permissions:
    chown -R fog:root /home/images
    chmod -R 777 /home/images

    Then modify /opt/fog/.fogsettings to point to the right image path. Everywhere you see /images just change it to /home/images

    I’d strongly suggest you use a much larger HDD, like a 500GB or larger, and then ask for help with partitioning on here.

    I don’t bat an eye at rebuilding a server. If it needs done, it needs done.