Custom boot settings are being deleted on restore

  • We use a Windows machine with TESTSIGNING and DEBUG on. These boot settings are set when we upload an image. Once we restore an image all those settings are lost.

  • I would recommend non-resizable as well, but if you can afford to, manually shrink the partitions.

    As a part of the unattend file (I’m just guessing you’re using one) you can have the unattend set to expand the disk as needed. That would be another method though I don’t know how simple it is to do.

  • @Tom-Elliott I am sorry. We are running 1.2.0. We will try the non-resizeable disk first.

  • @jeffjoe What is “Latest fog version?”

    You must remember, I’m the senior developer and even many of the other developers on my team run into the same scenario.

    I imagine by “Latest version” you are referring to 1.2.0, but Latest version in my eye’s is in respect to “Trunk” or the latest development versions.

    In either case, there is your problem.

    The fact that you’re using a custom BCD, and a resizable image, this tells me the problem regardless of the 1.x.x or dev version of FOG you’re using.

    For resizable images to work without the requiring of sysprep we need to replace the BCD. For commonality, we always replace the bcd. Of course this isn’t very suitable to those who create their own customized BCD though.

    If you can be patient I can try to walk you through customizing your init to use your customized BCD file though.

  • @Tom-Elliott

    Latest fog version. Boot settings:

    bcdedit.exe /debug ON
    bcdedit.exe /dbgsettings SERIAL DEBUGPORT:1 BAUDRATE:115200 /start DISABLE /noumex
    bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
    bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    Windows 7 x64.

    Image Type: Single Disk - Resizable

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  • Developer

    what kind of “boot settings” are we talking about here?

  • I think we need A LOT more information than, this is happening.

    For example, FOG Version.

    Image information (OS, Type – Resizable, Multi-part non-resize, raw) etc…?

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