SOLVED Does FOG change the Linux "fog" user password ?

  • After installing fog, I wasn’t near the pc and the lock screen came up and now I cant login.
    I think last time I ended up changing the fog user password back to what I originally set.
    Is this normal behaviour? and now I cant log into my new VM.

  • Ok, thanks to everyone answering my noob questions 😉

  • @Rusty You shouldn’t have to throw out the VM.

    As the password was changed, I’d recommend maybe logging in with a live cd and mount the partition on your system. This should give you localized root access of which you could then change the user’s password yourself.

    You should, probably, also add a root password and allow login through that account. I’m assuming you have console/terminal access which should have a root password (or if not allow login but only to the local system without having to enter a password).

  • Thanks, so I guess I have to throw this VM out ?

  • Yes, the installer (initially) changes the password for the local fog user.

    You can customize what password you want it to use by modifying the /opt/fog/.fogsettings file if you choose - but the random password that the installer sets is secure for a reason.

    The FOG Server has great control over it’s hosts - and a malicious user or attacker with access to the server could cause a whole lot of damage.

    I’d advise you to use either root or another ‘admin’ account for logging in and out - and to use very secure passwords for those accounts as well.