• Is there a page with general recommendations for imaging a Windows 10 installation?

    I’ve tried a number of different routes, but have so far been unsuccessful in getting an installation to successfully image.

    Fog Version 1.2.0
    I am working on HP Elitebooks 8440p

    I created a Windows 10 image using these settings:
    OS-Windows 7
    Image Type - Single Disk (Resizable)
    Image Manager - Part Clone

    I used a USB device to install Windows 10 Pro onto one of the computers.
    I used Shift-F10 and diskpart to set up an MBR disk and a single partition during the installation (I was having trouble with multiple partition images).
    I installed the image onto the disk.

    Once in Windows, I went to the power manager to Turn off Hibernation (which wasn’t on by default) and fast boot (which interferes with fog). I didn’t make any other changes to the operating system.

    I then rebooted and uploaded the image. (No errors)
    I downloaded the image to a new computer

    Upon booting the new download, I get the error:
    A disk read error occurred, Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot.

    I then used the USB again to attempt to fix the boot record, but I have been unsuccessful so far.

    Any thoughts as a direction I can go to try to fix this process? Is there something in the process I am missing?

  • Good to hear!

  • @rigelan It’s pure luck that Win10 even works with FOG 1.2.0, since windows 10 came out well after FOG 1.2.0 was released. The reason you had success is because you installed using an MBR type disk. FOG 1.3.0 will have far better partition handling - a lot of work has been going into this.

  • Well, after spending most of Christmas break trying to get it to work, I just repeated these steps one more time, and I finally got an image to download successfully! Maybe it was just a bad download the first time.