SOLVED can't open Webmanagement console

  • since yesterday, fog does want to open webmanagement console.
    Password are okay, no login error message. it let me on login page after identification and loading servers numbers.

    • fog user information does not work
    • i have created another admin user from mysql command line but it is the same thing.
    • bad user login or password are successfully rejected with a message.
    • it was working before.
    • last change on user config was on fog user: ( i set the chekbox under the identification information of user config )

    Now it is impossible for me to load management web console.
    is there any solution to understand why ?

  • Autosolved:
    “1” “fog” “xxxxx” “0000-00-00 00:00:00” “” “0

  • “uId” “uName” “uPass” “uCreateDate” “uCreateBy” “uType”
    “1” “fog” “xxxxx” “0000-00-00 00:00:00” “” “1”
    “2” “test” “xxxxx” “2015-11-26 12:21:45” “” “1”

  • sorry, i see that later: FOG has only two levels of users, regular users and mobile users. Regular users have access to the mobile portal and the full management portal. Mobile users have access to only the mobile management portal and Quick Image functions.

    so where in fog BDD, can i modify this option ?