SOLVED Fog will not upload an image!!!

  • I don’t know whats going on but my fog will not upload an image.

    I just see it say task complete

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    Thanks for the picture. Do you see anything after that or is it sitting there forever? From your first post I guess that you see more FOG messages after that. It all finishes without ever showing the blue partclone window? I am just guessing here. Feel free to upload a video and post a link here.

    The errors on the picture should not be a show stopper AFAIK!

  • @ch3i it is a forum issue and ill show ya how it is0_1448089507059_WP_20151121_00_58_26_Pro.jpg
    no I don’t know what failed to claim resource is nor do I know what platform device creation failed means but it appears to be enough to stop image uploads

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    @dureal99d Hi, it’s not a FORUM ISSUE, please choose the good forum…

  • @Tom-Elliott I see, well I would give details, buuuuuuuut, it doesn’t give me any details and I am on the latest trunk version. that is literally all I have for now. I will reboot in the morn and get back to ya

  • Details,

    We need details.

    What version of FOG? What OS is FOG on?

    What OS are you trying to upload? Is it GPT or MBR layout (using linux to check/verify not windows as it lies many times).

    Any error messages?

    My guess, is it’s a MBR Disk of Windows 7,8, or 10 (I don’t know and it really doesn’t matter), that was converted using the respective os that was installed to “ensure” it was on MBR. The Upload process was started, but skipped because it can’t actually recognize the disk, particularly because the Upload of the image was setup to be a “Single Disk - Resizable” image. Of course I’m just guessing into the wind as I don’t know what is actually happening.