• runing 5153 trunk version and was installing a fogstorage node but it will not connect. When I checked the user in fogstorage and set the password on the storage node it says the user can not conenct to mysql on the main box. I also changed the password through the gui but that did not work. If I query the fog database and look at the users the only one it shows is fog. Did I mess up by manually changing the password for user fogstorage? Is there a better way to do this? I just need to increase my space for images. i have fog running under esx and I can give the vm more space but then how do i extend that space for fog under ubuntu 12.04?

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    I can’t help you with the fogstorage node issue, but I can with the space issue.

    Actuality what I’m going to recommend will sound counter intuitive, but its the right move. Traditionally with *nix systems you place the /home and /opt directories on their own partitions/disks. These two partitions could potentially grow out of control filling up the root partitions ( / ) basically killing the *nix systems.

    What I’m going to recommend is that you do the following.

    1. Create a new VMDK file for your storage drive
    2. Create a filesystem on that vmdk and mount it on /mnt/itemp
    3. Stop FOG and all of its services
    4. Move the contents of the /opt directory to /mnt/itemp
    5. At this time /opt will be empty with the contents not under /mnt/itmp
    6. Now unmount /mnt/itmp and mount that new vmdk on /opt (this will restore the contents of /opt but the files will now be on the new vmdk
    7. Now for the last bit. Make a directory under /opt/fog called images
    8. move the content of /images to /opt/fog/images (this will place all of your big files on this new vmdk file
    9. Now that all of the contents are in /opt/fog/images delete the /images folder and create a symbolic link from /images to /opt/fog/images

    You may need to check the file permissions before you start and after you’re done to make sure things are sane. But IMO this is a better setup than placing both the /images and /opt/fog/snapins on the root partition. In this setup the /opt directory (vmdk) can go to 100% and it won’t take down the OS.

    But if you want to extend your current VMDK I did a write up a bit ago on how to do this with rhel 6 based system.