SVN trunk on CENTOS6.7 installation notes

  • Im not wiki editor so here are my notes on what I did to install SVN trunk on CENTOS 6.7 on hyper-v (2012R2) 2 cores with 2Gb RAM (htop says im using 300Mb so 2Gb is probably overkill, cores are not used hardly) I had a working 1.2.0 but in reality all I took from this was the config save SQL.

    *Installed CENTOS from minimal install ISO. Follow the screens but importantly set network to AUTOMATICALLY CONNECT on your adapter - this makes things much easier now. Also make sure the hostname is correct now (and under 16 characters if you intend to join the domain, again it makes things easier).

    • disable SELinux
    • yum -y update and install nano, subversion
    • I installed mariadb (MySQL) manually and ran the initial setup giving it a password
    • get trunk and install
    • change fog password to match the original exported settings, modify fog Class.class.php accordingly (for FTP and image purposes)
    • modify init.xz for my own reasons, you might be fine
    • modify the exported save (if appropriate) and change anything (such as DOMAIN\USERNAME to USERNAME to avoid 2202 errors etc)
    • run web GUI and import save, run GUI again in FRESH cache clear screen (I use inprivate). Upgrade settings and export settings. This is due to new “legacy” vs “new” AD component - upgraded goes into “new” so gives you 1326 domain errors, edit the exported settings and reimport - I used MySQL to truncate and reimport.


  • @cml didn’t know that. Thank you but it didn’t work. When I update the group of all it doesn’t “encode” the password. Going into any of the hosts and clicking the “eye” shows the password in clear. If this is saved on the host then it correctly gets encoded (after clicking the eye).

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    Hosts can be in more than one group. I have a group named ‘All’ that I use just for mass updating (update AD, add/remove snapins, etc)

  • I have not yet found a way to mass update the NEW AD password (some of my units are in groups, some are not, some groups have active tasks for WOL etc so im not too keen on adding everyone to a group then removing back to their original) so for the time being im sticking with a legacy client.