Strange Issue on Vista | Random restarts and logged in as SYSTEM

  • So, I have a strange issue on one of my Vista machines and am wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem. The machine keeps randomly logging off and restarting. The only event displayed in the event log is:

    [QUOTE]The process C:\Windows\system32\wbem\wmiprvse.exe (***) has initiated the restart of computer *** on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: No title for this reason could be found. Reason Code:0x80070015 Shutdown Type: restart[/QUOTE]

    Additionally, the FOG server seems to think I am always logging into this machine as the user “system”, regardless of what user I am actually logging in as. This was also happening to a Windows 7 machine, until I uninstalled the FOG Client. I’m hoping not to have to resort to that with this machine. Finally, both machines having issues happen to be laptops. I am at FOG v0.32 with the client version at 3.0.29. Any suggestions?

  • I am having the exact same issue, did you ever find a solution?