• I ran out of disk space on the data disk today, but couldn’t work out why. I then researched it a bit and found that Linux reserves 5% of the disk in case you start to run out, for the system files. Great idea for system disks, but pointless if you have data disks for say images.
    This command removes the reservation from the disk, and gives you back the 5%

    sudo tune2fs -m 0 /dev/sdb1

    I hope this is useful

  • @Julianh If you’re running SVN builds, I’d actually recommend starting by deleting the backups.

    I generate a backup of your GUI layout, now, for Every version of FOG you’re attempting to install.

    This can eat up quite a bit of space as one can imagine.

    I’d recommend (before allowing resources to eat up the 5% for system files and such) clean up the backup location.

    Most layouts have a separate layout for /, /home, /var, and maybe others, but some installs use the / only setup.

    Check in the /home (unless you changed the backup path for the installer) and look at how many folders of .BACKUP you have.

    My guess is this is what’s eating up your space.

    While, yes the backups do eat space and it is quite intentional, the backups may not be needed, I find it safer to have and not need, than need and not have. I use the backup folder/file now to ensure any “extra” data you store in the gui folder (for say ISO’s or alternative kernel files etc…).