Slow data rate on deploying image.

  • I’ve upgraded to latest FOG via trunk, and I can’t seem to get more than 2GB/min deploying an image. At one point it was at 6G/min which was beautiful. I’m only deploying one image and I can’t seem to speed it up. Do you have any recommendations to speed up the deploy time on the FOG server or things I can check. Also, it is noteworthy to mention that this is across various hardware, both the low and the high rate so I don’t think it’s the client hardware. I’ve upped the RAM to 16G on the server and the cores from 4 to 8 and still seeing slow deploy times. Any and all recommendations are appreciated. Thanks FOG Team!

  • Thanks Tom. I appreciate your help and this forum has always been awesome.

  • @sarge_212 I do understand but I think the slow down you’re seeing is network saturation. If you can’t reboot the switches see if a reboot of the server will do what you need at the least.

  • Hmm…can’t restart the switch as we’re in production and i can’t cut everybody’s access to the network. I can play with FOG as needed though.

  • @sarge_212 then chances are you are already doing unicast. I’d recommend for you to restart the switches and possible your fog server as well.

  • Tom,

    How would I check if I’m doing unicast? I’m just wanting to do one image at a time to one machine.

  • @Psycholiquid Yes I can test 2 different machines on 2 different jacks if that is what you mean.

  • I’d double check the connections between the end client and the fog server.

    Make sure the patch cables are all good, and on as fast a network you can have between.

    Also, are you imaging multiple systems? While it is true that we have achieved, in my eyes (thanks @Junkhacker) some of the fastest imaging speeds, they are only on a 1:1 basis, meaning one client, and one server. If you’re doing multiple imaging, while the speeds are still (in my opinion) quite decent, they are significantly dropped particularly if you’re doing unicast (tcp/ip) imaging.

  • Testers

    Question for you since I did the same today. Are you able to image more than one machine at a time in two different jobs?