SOLVED Windows 10 with Fog 1.2.0

  • Hello, Everyone
    Here is some of my system’s background

    Client computer:
    HP EliteBook Laptop with Window 7 64bit (Works)
    DELL Vostro 3540 Laptop with Windows 10 64 bit (Failed)
    Fog Server computer:
    Desktop with Ubuntu 14.04
    Fog Server version: 1.2.0

    I recently sucessfully upload and download the Windows 7 from the client without any problems.

    I got another client run Windows 10 and I did a little bit search on forum that Fog1.2.0 is able to deploy Windows 10 with option of Windows 7.

    However, I only got those 275MB in the server and those files in the /images

    Is there anyone know what is that ?

    Note: This problem exist with my Windows 7 client before, but an reinstall fix it. Win10_Test is the file I upload from the client,
    Please ignore Think_Image.

    Let me know if I need to provide any other information.

    Thank you.



  • Senior Developer

    Well, that is exactly what resizeable images are made for. Either that or for deploying to larger disks (expand partitions automatically).

    I just read your earlier post where we pointed you to use resizeable images. So I guess you want this with your new machine as well?!

    Could you please open the file d1.original.partitions in both images on the FOG server and post the contents here. Most likely the partition scheme is causing an issue here.

    Did you see any errors while uploading that Win10 client? Did you see the blue partclone window? Probably best to start another debug upload task (Host -> Basic Tasks -> Debug Upload) and take pictures while you go.

  • Thank you for quickly reply. I realize how the fog server works now.

    But I still have some questions.

    Without using the resizeable option, is Fog server still able to deploy Windows 10 to a smaller hard drive?

    For example, if I make a clone A from client A is 500 GB hard drive with Windows 10 operating system, and I select the non-resizeable option. Can I still use clone A to deploy another client B with 250 GB hard drive?

  • Senior Developer

    Wasting space on which hard drive? The FOG server? Does not happen because FOG only captures the data from within the partitions. So the size of the image on your FOG server is pretty much the same if you use resizable or non-resizable image type!

  • @Sebastian-Roth

    Is there anyway to get working around with this problem?

    I do not want to waste the space on the hard drive.

    Thank you

  • Senior Developer

    Maybe just try “Multiple partitions - single disk” as image type - which is non-resizeable but works in most cases!