SOLVED FOG StorageNode as an own deployment server in an seperate Subnet

  • Greetings,

    Management and MasterNode (Ubuntu 14.04 FOG 1.2.0) Subnet 1
    StorageNode (Ubuntu 14.04 FOG 1.2.0) Subnet 2
    Both Fog Servers are in one StorageGroup.

    Synchronisation between Master and StorageNode is okay and boot from pxe (dnsProxy with dnsMasq) in both subnets also works.

    My problem is that clients in subnet 1 get`s the Image from the StorageNode in subnet 2 and vice versa.
    Between this both subnets is only a internet connection so … not a good way to deploy Images… 😉

    I dont want two storage groups and 2 images with same content but other name. (one Image for each subnet)

    I there a possibility to advice the client to take the FOG-Server of it`s own subnet?

  • Thx for this. The plugin is exactly what i need.

    The site deployment server is only a storage node with own pxe\tftp and mysql-client. It uses the MySQL DB of the Master Server.

  • Moderator

    I have a similar request to what I understand you want to do.

    You can get pretty close by using the location plugin by installing a deployment fog server in each location. Then from a master deployment server you can move files to the site deployment server via the normal storage node replication. This is not a typical setup but I can get the images deployed to the sites this way. The only issue is getting the database entries from the master deployment server onto the site’s deployment server database. I can do this by scripting, but its not built into the logic as of yet.