SOLVED Active Directory & Specific OU

  • I have been reading for quite some time, however I can’t see to find an answer to this. I’m using a new installation of FOG 1.2.0 that I have been prepping for a new computer roll out that we will be doing next year. I would like have the PC automatically join the domain, and be placed in a specific OU for the group that it is associate with.

    I have used FogCrypt and have the correct information in Active Directory Defaults. I am able to join the domain with no issues. I am not able to have the computer placed in any other OU besides “Computers”. I have tried changing the information in the Groups section as well as the default just to see if it works. Every tutorial shows to have it in LDAP format, and I have (OU=Maintenance,DC=OttawaCC,DC=local).

    Once I make the change to the group after leaving the defaults open, I select save. . . and everything disappears. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I would like to figure this out if possible. Thanks.

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    This is normal and expected output for OU or any active directory operations from the group I have attempted to make resetting stick for groups so long as every host in the group already have this setting however this is only in the development version 1.2 did not have this feature

  • In our small lab setup, I had a computer that was ready to be imaged. I added it to the inventory, went into the host settings and set up the AD information with the correct OU information. After I pulled an image from it, it added itself to the domain and put it in the OU that I specified. So it worked at the Host level.

    I am going to try to it at the group level using the same image with another PC. It is nice that it works, but for the amount of work that goes into doing it at the Host level, I would be better off just moving the computer on my own in AD to the OU that I want. I’ll see how the next test goes.

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    If I understand what you are saying then, in the fog settings I would set the OU to your computer’s OU, then when you setup the host change it to the proper location for that host. You can do it one by one in each host’s active directory settings, or via applying the setting to a group of computers all at once. (as you noted the group does not retain the new setting but all hosts that are members of that group have the new setting applied)

  • I didn’t make any changes to the default settings. I want it to be added to the domain no matter what, but I left the OU setting blank in the Default Settings so it would just go to the Computer OU if nothing else was selected. I assumed if I put something else in Host/Group it would supersede the Default Settings. I have a test computer running an image now to see.

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    I would suggest that you get one working. Once you have one working then you can use the update group function to change all the rest to the correct OU, and finally update the defaults in the fog settings so any new systems will have the right settings.

  • @george1421 said:

    G applies the information to the host based on the group but the group

    Thanks. I will try that now. I had only tried it at the Group level since I figured that would be the easiest way to keep those computers for that group, in that same OU. The one thing I didn’t try was doing an inventory on the host, then changing that host to a specific OU. If it works, great. At the same time it may just be easier to move all of them from the computers OU once they are imaged instead of going through 3-400 Hosts changing the OU.

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    I can tell you yes, the format needs to be in ldap format and it appears you have the right format as long as the maintenance OU exists under your main OU (like Computers do) then it should place it in the right spot. I can say from one of my installs I have (ou=Desktops,ou=Computers,ou=NYC,ou=US,dc=domain,dc=local)

    Since your target computer is ending up in the Computers OU you must have the right information to join the computer to the domain so the FogCrypt part is right too.

    When you make a change to the group… everything disappears. That one got me too. FOG applies the information to the host based on the group but the group doesn’t keep the settings. It would be logical for the group to retain this setting but it doesn’t, it is just used to apply the values to the host. I would go into the target host you are interested in and check the AD settings there. Make sure the proper OU settings are there, then redeploy the host again.