Cannot resolve hostname XP

  • I have 47 pcs that are running xp and none are able to resolve hostname. dont know what I am doing wrong. Fog Server is able to rename the pc.

  • I solved it by disabling the Stealth mode in with a registry tweak vi AD GPO: Article HERE

    I went mad enabling / disabling firewall, logging packets, changing rules … That made it work. If you are not in an Active Directory, add the registry key, changing DomainProfile for PublicProfile, StandardProfile or PrivateProfile, depending of your needs.

  • Just to clarify, the setting that Chad-bisd is referring to is found in the web UI by going to ‘Other Information’ -> ‘FOG Settings’ -> scroll down to ‘FOG_HOST_LOOKUP’ and change the value from 1 to 0.

    It’s too bad this appears to be an unresolvable issue with Windows 7 hosts. Even if you enable logging in the firewall settings it doesn’t even log any blocked packets… Weird.

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    Good to know Sk00t3r. I severely dislike the host name resolve/ping part of the web UI in Fog 0.32. I found there is an option in the fog settings to disable that completely. My hosts lists now finishes so quickly.

  • in win XP go to the firewall settings and click on the ICMP tab make sure “ALLOW INCOMING ECHO REQUEST” and “ALLOW OUTGOING DESTINATION UNREACHABLE” are checked. Then add UDP port 7 to the exceptions. This should allow you to resolve host names in the FOG webui

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