SOLVED default printer keeps reverting to last in list

  • Had an issue today where a host with 3 assigned fog printers kept defaulting back to the printer that was last in the list. Moving the green check mark to the desired printer only stays there till you navigate away from that page, then back to the last in the list. I tried adding the 3 printers in different order, but still didnt make a difference.

    Ubuntu 14.04.3, FOG 1.2 svn 5028

  • It does work, thanks Tom! Also, the normal default printers returned without having to set them all one by one.

  • Senior Developer

    Found and fixed in latest. Thanks for reporting.

  • I can confirm this on my FOG server too. I can’t change it either, keeps going back to the last printer in the list. This is bad news, 1000+ machines on my fog server. I updated to 5020 yesterday on Fedora 22.