SOLVED images not deleted from disk after deleting via webui

  • i was clearing out some old images to free up some space but after deleting the old images free space stayed the same. when i login to cli i can still see all the folders with images still there. i will delete these manually but would like to not have to delete them manually from cli. not sure if this is a bug or if there is some config that would be causing this.

    snv 4250

  • hmmm, maybe this was an issue with a previous svn. i just made a test iamge and deleted it and it was removed from the disk.

    problem solved 🙂

  • @Tom-Elliott
    I did check the “delete file data” check box

    “deleting enmass” option isnt really needed or necessary. But if i have an old iteration of an image that is no longer needed and i remove it from the webui i should not also need to login to the cli to delete it from the disk.

  • @Tom-Elliott said:

    I have not coded the deletion of files enmass yet.

    I don’t think you should, either. That feature would have way too much destructive power.

    In fact, I don’t think deleting the image definition should even be allowed enmass.

    What kind of person deletes all their images?? Why would there ever be a need for that?

  • Senior Developer

    Did you select the box to delete the image files when you deleted the image?

    I have not coded the deletion of files enmass yet.