SOLVED SVN 4998 boot to hard disk runs memtest

  • I have been running SVN 2658 on Ubuntu 14.04 for a while and it works fine. I wanted to upgrade and due to the database changes it was easier to installed a new system and installed FOG SVN 4998. Uploading images, downloading images, running memtest all work fine with 4998 BUT the default menu item, fog.local, boot to hard disk boots into memtest instead of to the hard disk. The only thing I have found would indicate I should change the FOG_BOOT_EXIT_TYPE for this menu item from SANBOOT to EXIT. The version 2658 has SANBOOT so I’m not sure that is the problem.

    The systems being booted are DELL 9030AIOs with SSD drives and the default boot to the hard disk works fine if I use 2658.

    Any help getting this solved would be greatly appreciated.

  • I’ve seen this happen too at work.

    I was messing with the grub exit style though. It only happened once.