• So at my work place we have a ‘computer specialist’ who created all the images and it’s my job to deploy them. We’ve run into issues with after an image has been deployed and windows set up has completed, every time the computer is restarted it hangs on a black screen with just the mouse cursor(this is after the windows logo). The time varies from about 4-10 minutes for the computer to reach the login screen.

    The computer specialists response to this is that its ‘windows processing’ and should stop happening after a couple restarts…but it hasn’t.

    Our clients/end users are starting to reach out to me and I was wondering if anyone could assist me with this issue.


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    Two huge factors I’ve found for startup hangs like you’ve described have been bad/old drivers and startup programs that are having issues or are just terribly slow.

  • @Uncle-Frank Thanks! I’ll give it a try. I work the night shift so I’ll let you know once I find time to check on it.

    And to answer your question we’re running WIN 7 Enterprise 64-bit.

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    I haven’t heard about slow boot up after imaging with FOG but you never know. Which OS are we talking about? Win 7?

    Maybe try debugging the slow startup with other tools: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/140247-trace-windows-7-bootshutdownhibernatestandbyresume-issues/

    Would be interesting to hear if you can find the issue.

    Edit: google and other search engines will give you a lot more infos on this too (try: windows 7 long boot time black screen)

  • Just to re-iterate, I’m not immediately looking for a solution, more of an explanation as is this normal or abnormal. Thanks