Pending MAC Approval not Working

  • I’m having several machines that are not auto-renaming or auto-joining to AD and the only common denominator I’ve found is they are sitting in the Pending MAC list. This is fine if I could approve the MAC, but I cannot and have not ever been able to.

    I dont know if this will fix my issue, but I’d like to try.

    Tailed log file does this:

    [Tue Sep 22 16:20:43.210001 2015] [:error] [pid 22025] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 84 bytes) in /var/www/html/fog/lib/db/MySQL.class.php on line 115, referer:


  • @Uncle-Frank

    It literally says, repeated over and over:

    9/22/2015 7:04 PM FOG::SnapinClient Module is disabled on this host

    Nothing else. Thats it for the last several hours, except replace the word “host” with “mac” earlier in the day until I manually added the mac by going into the individual host and adding it there.

    We have the snapinmodule disabled as we don’t use it. I just forgot to uncheck the box when installing the fog client again.

  • Moderator

    Could you provide more information from your FOG client log?

  • @Uncle-Frank Settings are Correct.

    @Tom-Elliot Sorry about that…Still on version 4738. The client is the legacy one. We have 4 pending macs.

  • More useful information in the form the FOG Version (it’s in the cloud on the top left), what client, legacy or new? If new, what version of the new client? The memory issue appears to be an indicator, how many pending mac’s do you have in your system?

  • Moderator

    So please check your client settings in the web interface: Host Management -> select one of the non -working clients -> Service Settings/Active Directory (links on the left). Are all settings correct here?

  • It seems to be the same few machines, but these machines worked earlier in the year when we first imaged them. I’m almost wondering if it has something to do with not doing a “full” inventory somehow.

    The error in the c:\fog.log said something along the lines of “XXXModule is disabled on this mac”

  • Moderator

    Tom will definitely know better than I do but I still give it a shot. I doubt that the pending MACs would prevent the clients from renaming and joining the AD. Better check out the FOG client log (usually C:\fog.log) to see what’s going wrong with a particular client.

    Is it always the same “several machines” that do not play nicely or different ones every time?