snapin issues - loop client reboot

  • Hello,
    my conf:
    fedora 22 64b
    fog: svn 4730
    I have problems with sending snapins to client. When trying send all sanpins to client get this message Fog_message.png
    after reboot nothing happened - I mean no snapin installation. PC goes in loop, it’s reboot until remove “Active Tasks” and "Active Snapin Tasks"
    Help needed.

  • @Tom-Elliott
    thanks for explanation.

  • Senior Developer

    @robza versioning is now done based on the number of commits to the github repo after svn version 3510. This was done because sourceforge had a major malfunction and I needed to keep things Updated. Initially when sf went down there was no versioning the cloud which makes it very difficult to narrow down where a bug is. When sourceforge came back I didn’t feel it was necessary to keep using svn revision number as the version as to many people it would’ve looked as if they went backwards. Hopefully this helps clarify?

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Here is what i’ve donne

    cd /home
    mkdir svn
    cd svn
    svn checkout
    at the end i’ve got this information : Révision 4048 extraite.
    cd /home/svn/trunk/bin

    At the end of installation i’ve got this message :
    You still need to install/update your database schema.
    This can be done by opening a web browser and going to:

    Press [Enter] key when database is updated/installed.

    On the serveur fog is installed in /var/fog

    I go on the web page, and in the cloud : 4738

    To update (run svn up) i’ve got to go into /home/svn/trunk then ?

    For the snapins problem it works fine

    Just in the hosts list, for my machine test, i’ve got “No response” with an exclamtion point in a red circle
    as fog didnt see the host .
    Nevertheless i can see the host add snapins etc…

    Then thanks again for your help and for this great application

  • @Tom-Elliott
    after update svn works like a charm.
    But I still don’t get how to understand versioning.
    For example I have svn in root directory. This is what I do to update svn.
    cd /root/svn/trunk
    svn up
    cd bin
    And on fog website I see version 4738 but on console when type svn info have 4048.

  • Senior Developer

    This is now fixed, please update first, then try again.

  • @Tom-Elliott i’m going to make a new install with the good path and i come back to tell you.
    But i’ve got the same problem than robza about loop reboot with snapins task

  • Senior Developer

    @plegrand You’re not running it properly if your fog version is showing as 4700. My guess is you moved the /var/www/html/fog to /var/www/fog and this is what you’re seeing?

    When you run the svn up where, exactly, are you in the directory structure?

    For example, if you’re in /opt/svn/trunk/bin and you run svn up, you are not updating the whole tree, you’re only updating the bin directory.

  • @robza Same problem here
    In fact i havent same version … idont really understand versionning
    when i do svn up it says 4044
    And on fog, in the cloud at the top of the page it says 4700

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