SOLVED Enabling IMAGE_PNG support in iPXE

  • Senior Developer

    About a year ago I started to play with FOG and Mac clients. Thanks to a lot of people I got it working compiling my own ipxe and kernel binaries. I am slowly trying to “give back” to the project all the fixes I made myself.

    One of them is the ipxe.efi binary. Tom added this in April already as I can see here:

    As things were working for me with my own binaries I didn’t bother testing for a long time (sorry!). Now I had the time to do so and unfortunately the binary does not work with our Macminis. Well, they boot up but reboot as soon as they are meant to show the boot menu.

    Turns out that IMAGE_PNG support is not compiled into the ipxe.efi binary. See here:

    So I wonder who is actually using the ipxe.efi binary and why does it work on other client machines??

    There is an easy fix. Using Tom’s config from SVN I just added PNG support, recompiled and ipxe.efi shows the menu as it did with my own binaries. But maybe this will break things for other users???

  • Senior Developer

    When I used to try to build with IMAGE_PNG it would seemingly fail quite miserably. It should work now for you.

    I’ve readded the option and the efi binaries are now all updated as of SVN Version 4031, GIT Commit: 56601f2, and FOG Version: 4704.

    Hopefully this is what you all were looking for.