Host registration does not work (FOG r4682)

  • I am using the newest FOG revision (SVN) and can neither register to host anymore nor can I use services like retrieving system information. Whenever I try to e.g. register to host from the ipxe boot menu the registration process altogether seems to be skipped completely and the normal boot menu appears. When I use FOG 1.2.0 it works without any problems though. If I add the client pc manually via MAC address in FOG, the ipxe boot menu shows the client to be registered but if I schedule a simple task (e.g. get system information) the task is not executed.

    I’m running FOG on Ubuntu 12.04.5 in a VM (Virtualbox) while the client PC is a (real) physical pc. Also when I create an additional VM and use it as client and try to register that client to host I get the error message: FATAL: INT18: Boot failure.

    I have already tried restarting all services, nothing helped. Does anyone have a suggestion on what the problem might be?

    Thanks. :)

  • @Wayne-Workman @Tom-Elliott Solved the problem. Somehow curl had a problem with me being behind a proxy, no idea why though, never had this problem before. As a result, bzimage, bzimage32, init.xz and init_32.xz were not downloaded correctly. I solved this problem by using wget to manually download those files (the download links are in /lib/common/

    Also another problem in /lib/common/ I was not able to add the repository for php5-5.6, so I had to comment out those lines. In my case this is not a problem, as I’m now using Ubuntu 15.04, which already has php 5.6 preinstalled (at least if you dist-upgrade and update).

    Thanks again for the very fast help. :)

  • @Wayne-Workman Ok I installed everything on Ubuntu 15.04 now, still exactly the same problem. :(

  • Ok I will test it. Thanks for the fast answer. :D

  • @Asthea You tried installing fog trunk on ubuntu 12.04 ? That is probably why it’s not working. Try ubuntu 14 or 15.

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