Can no longer log into FOG (and other strange things)

  • I installed FOG on an existing CentOS installation I had and everything was working great. I created a new image file, uploaded the image, imaged a few laptops and FOG was working great. This afternoon (a week later) I logged into FOG, created a new image file, added a new Host and proceeded to schedule a new image upload. I rebooted the laptop to upload the image to the FOG server and then stepped away for about 30 minutes. When I came back I was surprised to find the laptop had already rebooted so I went back to FOG and first checked the scheduled tasks. There were none. I then checked the list of hosts. Instead of seeing the usual list of hosts, I saw one host that had a strange name ( “C” ) and then rest of the information was missing. Clicking on the host I saw an error about an invalid host name. So I thought maybe the session had timed out and maybe something had gotten hosed so I signed out of the session, closed the browser and then restarted the browser and attempted to log in. Now I can’t log in. I fill out the user name and password and click the “Login” button and then the spinners for the Estimated FOG sites and Version spinners spin for a while and then…nothing. No error…no nothing.

    So I bounced the entire server. There were errors that seemed to indicate that the Fog user profile wasn’t providing a valid username/password so I reset the fog password back to what I had originally used. I also saw some messages regarding timezone so I set the date.timezone setting in PHP.INI. That took care of the errors but I still cannot log into FOG. Same issue: Click login and no error is displayed and no login happens.

    What do you suggest for the next step?



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  • OK! I figured this out. I turned on error display in PHP.INI and that gave me the clue I needed. Turns out that I was out of disk space! That would also explain the weirdness with adding a new image and having things fail as well as why a complete uninstall would work after deleting all the files. So now I just have to figure out how to create more space (Linux noob so I need to read up a bit on figuring out the unpartitioned space stuff.)

    So posting here so if someone else runs into something like this they might get some quick relief. I don’t know enough about PHP to know if you can monitor for low level critical errors and return them to the user but that would have helped in this case.

  • Well, I am chillin…sorry if I seem strung out. Linux and PHP aren’t my strong suits so stuff like this that makes no sense adds a little frustration to the mix because I don’t like to ask questions or post issues that seem to be easy as in, “this really should work so I must be doing something dumb…”

    I little more info on the “does nothing” comments. I can type complete garbage into the user ID and password fields and click login and all I see is the spinners spin and return the results of sites and version and that is all that happens on the login page. What I would expect is something like “Invalid login” or “Login Failed” or at least some error message but I see absolutely no change to the page. It is as though the only purpose of the login button it to make the spinners spin but that is all that happens.

    Top isn’t giving me much to go on. I see two apache entries that consume about 0.7 % cpu each and 0.8% memory and a mysqld entry that consumes about 0.3 % cpu and 1.8% memory. Not sure if that qualifies as “a lot of cpu /memory”.

    I can’t quite figure out why it would work initially and then stop. And then a complete uninstall and then reinstall would fix it and then it would stop working again.

    Is there a log I can look at or can I turn a debug option on so I can trace the login? I am assuming the login is failing and just see no evidence of why.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    There is no reason uploading an image would cause FOG to respond this way.

    This sounds more like one your services has a problem, for what ever reason.

    Since you can replicate the problem easily, i would:
    []Log into your server via SSH
    ]Run top (or something to monitor process activity)
    []Replicate the problem
    ]Pinpoint any processes that start consuming a lot of cpu / memory
    []Find the problem in that service
    ]Fix the problem
    [quote=“Pete Helgren, post: 224, member: 111”]the spinners for the Estimated FOG sites and Version spinners spin for a while and then…nothing. No error…no nothing.[/quote]
    If the spinners turn to red crosses, this means your browser failed to connect to the FOG website.
    Nothing to do with the FOG server itself.

    [quote=“Pete Helgren, post: 229, member: 111”]all I see is the spinners spin and then nothing…[/quote]
    Nothing as in they fail to load, or nothing as in the screen goes blank?

    [quote=“Pete Helgren, post: 235, member: 111”]BUMMER! Stopped working after one image upload! Can anyone help me here? Is there any way to determine why I cannot log in but I see no errors as well?[/quote]
    It’s a little slow over xmas, chill 🆒

  • BUMMER! Stopped working after one image upload! Can anyone help me here? Is there any way to determine why I cannot log in but I see no errors as well?

  • OK. So a did a more thorough “uninstall” and removed everything, including the user in mysql and the fog user in CentOS, the image files, the tftboot folders…everything and then reran the installer. Now I can log in. Next I need to try uploading an image and see what happens…

  • I deleted the folders in /opt and those in var/www that were related to fog and then ran the installer again. NO JOY! Still get the login screen with no ability to login (all I see is the spinners spin and then nothing…)

    So something is very fundamentally broken here. Ideas?

  • This thing is completely dead. I can’t seem to get anything to allow me to log in. I dropped the database, changed db permissions. Ran the installer. Nothing fixes it. What folders should I delete to completely uninstall FOG? I don’t know what happened but it is completely hosed and all I did was add a new image…never had any problems with FOG before…