• Being new to linux command line as well as FOG, i was curious if someone could tell me what the correct shutdown and startup of FOG would be on Ubuntu?

    Sometimes i will lose my ability to connect to the command console after a few days of running, and a reboot of the server generally fixes it. I just want to make sure i’m doing it correctly.


  • Senior Developer

    Fog is a multitude of packages, but those packages have their own controllers. These controllers are designed in such a way that they handle their own startup and shutdown. Of course you can also start or shutdown or restart them as you see fit as well. The simplest way to shutdown is to type the command:
    sudo poweroff or sudo shutdown -P now

    To restart type:
    sudo restart or sudo shutdown -r now

  • simply clicking the “exit” button in the top right of most windows applications might not close the session to the server.

    On every SSH session I’ve been in, simply typing “exit” will close the session properly.

    There’s not really any one thing you could point at and say “That’s FOG” lol. that sounds strange, I know…

    But think about it…

    FOG is simply many, many pieces of open source software and services all put together.

    It uses tftp, ftp, nfs, httpd, apache2, dnsmasq, dhcpd, mysql, mysql-server, MariaDB, mariadb-server… those are just the major ones, there are a dozen others that play smaller roles.
    the FOG installer configures them all for use with FOG for you… and then it’s all wrapped up in a nice bow-tie with the FOG web user interface.

    How to shutdown and startup fog… geeze… if I had to answer, I’d say the power button on the server.