• So… USB NICs…

    These have generic MACs from a FOG standpoint (because they can be used on many devices generically) and their use will only become more common in the future.

    Imagine - having 300ish of these that you randomly use on 6,000 laptops in a 1:1 educational environment… a nightmare from a FOG perspective.

    I’m suggesting that there be a dedicated “area” of some type where we can just add all the MAC addresses of these devices - and any MAC listed in that area will simply automatically be ignored by imaging and the client too.

    It’d be most robust if we could say during full registration if the MAC being used is generic or not… and then in future registrations where the same MAC is detected - it just automatically know that its generic and not even ask you about it.

    It’s a tough problem to solve - and this is just one proposal, there might be more robust methods. But clearly any solution to this sort of problem is going to revolve around MAC addresses.

  • Senior Developer

    What you are requesting basically exists already but not in the way you’re requesting.

    The proper way to handle this is to insert the host or fully/quick register with the USB Nic as the MAC address, whether primary or not. After These have been added you would then set the Mac to be ignored for the client. Only the client should be ignored because you most likely want these nics to be the Nic that the host images with. Ignore imaging is to ignore those macs as a potential imaging interface. What should happen is the host images. After that, assuming you’re using the new client, the host will check in via the client and should attempt to self register. Of course, it would make more sense to ensure the hosts are named the proper name you want them to be already in the database, otherwise you would end up with multiple hosts registered to the name of the client that uploaded the image.