UNSOLVED Fog Server Multi-Home

  • We have a population of machines on different vlans and we would like to have an interface (trunked) on the fog server participate on the different vlans as we did it ghost.

    We are running Ubuntu 14.04 and have added the vlans to the /etc/network/interfaces and used vconfig to add the vlans to the interface.

    What should we do?

    We would like to avoid configuring the routers to pass multicast traffic and would like to keep the routing simple.

    Please advise.
    Thank you.

  • @josh.nicholson99 I should slow you down firstly - do your vlans go over slow and long distance links?

    For example, my organization has every site connected via dedicated lines - but those lines are low speed links. We avoid heavy loads over the WAN links at all costs. EVEN THOUGH we have a vlan infrastructure that can easily bring any network to any port that we wish. If your organization’s setup is similar to this, I’d urge you to use the location plugin and setup storage nodes at each of your physical locations.

    In the case that you have amazing WAN speeds or don’t have WAN links at all, then I’ve found these links that might be of interest:

    It would seem as if dnsmasq is the answer… I haven’t looked deeply into it yet though.

  • Is there a way to make the tftp and PXE services listen on multiple interfaces/virtual interfaces?

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  • We tagged multiple vlans on one port on our switch and then had multiple IP’s configured on that interface on our server. Does that make sense?

    In linux what I would do is have multiple vlans bound to a single interface an example is:
    sudo vconfig add eth1 10
    sudo vconfig add eth1 20
    sudo vconfig add eth1 30

    I would then configure IP’s for each of those vlans in the /etc/network/interfaces config file.

  • I’m more than willing to help, but I don’t have vlans to test with. If you explain in detail how you did it with Ghost, maybe we will see how to do it with fog?

    Otherwise, the Location Plugin is designed specifically for this. With the location plugin setup, you disable Image downloading traffic across defined locations. You’d need storage nodes on each vlan though - which isn’t too tough. You can run a fog storage node on an old core 2 duo without much issue.