UNSOLVED Can't create new images through UI

  • I am trying to create a new image from the FOG UI. When I create “New image” in image management, there is no corresponding change on the server. (No new directory is create and I can’t upload the image). It is listed in the UI, but not on the linux box. I think I have the permissions and ownership set properly.

    I would appreciate any help you could give.

    I’m running Version 0.32

  • @nhaws Look at this: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Troubleshoot_NFS

    Double Check your storage node settings, your /etc/exports file, and make sure NFS and RPC services are running. Info on those things are in the article above.

  • I appreciate your reply. I am having issues with the NFS mounting, but I thought it was caused by the issue in my last post.

    I’m getting the following error during upload: "RPC: Remote system error - Network is unreachable mount: mounting {IP ADDRESS}:/images/dev/ on /images failed: Bad file description.

  • I’m not very familiar with .32, I’ve never actually used it. But if it’s anything like the latest stable & trunk versions - no folders are created on the server till upload time. A folder is created in /images/dev with the uploading computer’s MAC address as the folder name. Then via FTP when uploading is done, this folder is moved and renamed to the image-name you specified in /images.

    If I had to guess, you probably have an NFS problem or FTP problem or both.

    There are some troubleshooting articles in the WiKi for these services, just type “troubleshoot” into the search bar and they should show up. If you need more help, let us know - we are here to help.