Fog Service hanging during startup

  • i recently updated my image to include some update Adobe software as well as some new drivers. During boot now the fog service hangs which causes it to sit at “please wait” until the service times out then the login screen comes up. I am not sure what is causing it. the service is currently set to automatic. should ichange this to delayed startup? any other ideas?


  • Sorry for the delay. It was logging an error in the event log that the fog service hung I set it to delayed startup and that seems to be a reasonable workaround for the issue.

  • Senior Developer

    Are you 100% sure it’s the FOG Service causing the “Please wait?”. The fog service does start when the system boots, but I’ve NEVER seen it cause a problem with logging in.

  • Uninstall the FOG Client completely and see if the problem goes away.

    Try this and let us know what happens - we are here to help and want to know the outcome.

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