SOLVED Snapins - optional WOL & other complications

  • Hey so, I’ve entered the realm of snapins. It’s nice.


    Two of our building models do not work with the San Boot Style while the other 10 or so models DO work with the San Boot style.

    So, because most of my machines work with San Boot Style, I have the global setting set to San Boot Style. I still wish I could set it individually for hosts.

    But, snapins causes FOG to send WOL packets to all clients that have a task waiting apparently. This is absolutely not necessary and I am requesting that WOL be made optional for snapin tasks.

    This wouldn’t be such an issue if I could specify to each host what Exit to HDD type I’d like it to have.

    But right now, every time I deploy a snapin, there are 60 hosts in my building that boot to network immediately and then stare at the wall eternally because San Boot Style does not work for them.

    Ideally, I’d like both the individualized exit to hdd type AND the optional WOL for snapins… but I need one or the other or I simply can never deploy snapins to these 60ish hosts and any future hosts that don’t work with what the majority works with.

  • @Tom-Elliott Thank you Tom.

  • Senior Developer

    Moved to bugs as really that is what this was for.

    I’ll work on the feature part (the exit type per host) later on as needed.

  • Senior Developer

    All added and I even refractored the task scheduler.

  • Senior Developer

    From what I can tell, Snapin tasks only send WOL packets during the initial creation. This is, indeed, unexpected, but not necessarily wrong.

    I’ll add a tester to only send WOL to systems that are getting into INIT scopes of the taskings. Snapins are not a part of this.