SOLVED Boot screen doesn't show restore/create image option

  • Hello

    I just installed FOG 1.2.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 and everything seems to be fine, except that the boot screen doesn’t offer me the option to restore or create an image. All other options seem to work…


    It seems NFS is up and running, as I can mount and view the files in the x.x.x.x:\images\ from another computer
    The image also has been added to image.

    What’s wrong??

    Thanks for your time 😉

  • @Tom-Elliott The quick image menu item for non-registered hosts that you’re seeing there does not look proper. That was NOT, from what I can tell, a 1.0 install. I’ll verify just to be sure, but quick image has not been a part of the host natively.

    Just verified that this is not the default behaviour. Either you guys were running a development verison, and somebody put the version number as 1.0 in the system file, or somebody else customized your 1.0 boot menu to have the quickimage option on non-registered hosts.

    I assure you, this was not something I did.

  • Quick image does not work the way you are describing in 1.2.0.

    Quick Image, originally, was ONLY for hosts that were registered. This is why you don’t see quick image on non-registered hosts.

    There’s a second part. The quick image from 1.2.0 and before only worked if the host was assigned an image. There was never a list of images presented when you chose quick image for 1.2.0 and before. What you’re describing is how the current development/trunk version of FOG operates. Quick image in the dev/trunk version of FOG DOES present a list and is present for All hosts (registered and non-registered). In dev/trunk, when you click quick image it asks you to login. Enter your Web GUI user and password and it will present a list of all the images your fog server. Again, this is only on dev/trunk versions of FOG. If the host is registered, it will create a tasking like normal and can be viewed on the GUI. When you click quick image and enter the credentials with a registered host, the “default” selected image will be that of the image that’s assigned to the host, unless there i no image assigned in which case it defaults to the first image in the list. When you click quick image and enter the credentials with a non-registered host, the default selected image will be the first in the list. These have a timeout value assigned as well so if you had to walk away after entering the credentials, it will begin imaging.

  • Hei,

    Sorry for delay, I just returned from abroad.

    Anyway…the problem that I am facing is that Fog 1.2 doesn’t show the ‘Quick Image’ option at all when the host is not registered.
    It does show once I have performed a Quick registration, but when I select the ‘Quick Image’ option it asks for username/password.
    Upon entering the credentials, it just jump back to the menu screen…not the list of images I expected…
    The only way to restore an image in 1.2 is to schedule a task

    In Fog 1.0 I can just select any image from the list, without the need to register the host (which is my preferred way, as I mostly deal with new PC’s all the time; they just need an initial image before shipping out. Registering the host and scheduling is just an extra step; registered hosts will never be used again…)


    Anyway, I have a working FOG, and I am gratefull for that, good job!!

  • @aceindy I still don’t understand. The quick option never showed options on the pxe menu. The trunk version does present a list of images now. That’s only on trunk though. The quick image selection merely sets a task for the host to download whatever image was assigned to it.

  • @Tom
    The quick option doesn"t show any entries.
    scheduling tasks works though, both upload and download.

    in the meanwhile i tried my other VM with fog 1.0 and there it works ( so for now my ‘problems’ are solved)

    thanks for support so far 😉

  • I’m solving this thread as it was never a “problem” in the first place.

  • @aceindy any status?

  • I’m confused.

    Is quick image not working?

    There was never a menu item (until development and you created the menu item) to “upload/create an image” and the closest to “restore” image is the Quick Image option you see on the screen. What exactly is the issue?

  • @aceindy You can restore images directly from the boot menu still. FOG Trunk makes this even easier.

    However upload tasks happen from the web interface only now. There might or might not be a way to upload from the boot menu, but I couldn’t help you with that.

    I would recommend getting accustomed to using the web interface; It will make your life easier. I don’t just say that out of opinion, it literally will make your life easier and it will literally save you time.

  • OK…

    So this has changed from older versions where you have the option to restore/create images directly from the boot-menu.

    Is there any way to use the ‘old’ way in v1.2 ?

  • @aceindy

    You create an upload task from the web interface.

    The installer should have given you the web address, unless you didn’t complete the installer.

    It should be x.x.x.x/fog/management