• Hello,
    i have 2 suggestion to FOG.
    1 - Icons description
    In Download and Upload icons, make it descriptive their duties.
    Example: Download: server image to the client
    Upload: client image to the server

    2 - IPXE
    Make it possible choose default option when enter in IPXE menu.

  • Senior Developer

    I have created a plugin to allow people to change the task types as they see fit.

    I did this for two reasons. First, I don’t find the current states that hard to follow. When it comes to tasks the POV is always from the client/host. So download means the client is pulling from the server and upload means to push to the server. The hosts, after all, are the items that get tasked. I have had this discussion multiple times in the past and I still stand strong that they’re fine the way they are. That said the plugin allows the admins to use whatever terminology they deem necessary.

    The second reason is to allow the admins to make the tasks as they see fit. For example, make a currently advanced task non advanced so it displays in the main task list. Or adjust the tasks to be shown on only group or host where they are currently shown on both. Ultimately this plugin allows the admins to create/edit the tasks as they see fit.

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    @danilopinotti I am still not lying that this has been programmed already. The git/trunk/svn versions are already setup to allow you to choose the default you want. I don’t know in what other words to state this.

  • @danilopinotti said:

    I used 1.2.0
    I searched for this option before coming to a suggestion, not found.

    FOG Trunk offers much more flexibility with the menu than 1.2.0 did.

    I can’t really speak for 1.2.0 very much, I’ve never used it in production - I went straight to FOG Trunk due to specific needs in my environment and been on it since.

    Maybe you should check it out? https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Upgrade_to_trunk

  • @Tom-Elliott
    I used 1.2.0
    I searched for this option before coming to a suggestion, not found.

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    I programmed the things. I know what is available. I’m not lying when I tell you that the “default” can be selected now.

    What version of fog do you run currently? Maybe check out the current development to find out what exists before hand.

  • The IPXE use as default value the option that execute boot in HD. It would be practical if we could choose to take the Quick Registration, for example. Consider the following situation, you need to register a lab with 50 computers. In the current situation, you should give the boot by IPXE and go on Quick Register option in each of the 50 computers. It would be simpler if you could choose the Quick Register option as standard, so computers would boot and is already recorded, without more interventions.
    About the icons, Wayne Workman explained exactly what I meant.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because I really think I’m right on this…

    Download should be changed to “Deploy Image”

    Upload should be changed to “Capture Image”

    Nobody can confuse that terminology.

    Also I’ll point out that If you have a feature name that NEEDS a description, and an alternative name that DOES NOT need a description, obviously the one that does NOT need a description is better named.

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    I believe this is already done.

    The download means exactly as you say. The Upload means the opposite.

    The Ipxe default is definitely already there.