• Our school has 3 campus places with each 2 computer rooms with 20 pc’s; we reinstall all pc’s twice a year.
    Setting up 3 fog servers is financially not possible. We are thinking of dedicating a laptop with an external usb disk as a (mobile) fog server.
    Would this be a realistic approach? Are there any specific caveats (e.g. each campus has a different subnet).
    Thanks in advance

  • Hello I am trying to setup a mobile fog server on a laptop and I just need some direction on how to set it up and etc. . I have installed VMware workstation and I want to make the FOG a virtual fog server. What would be the first steps to setting it up, What type of virtual hardware settings do I need, do I need to install Ubunu and which version, and where do I get the FOG directories or install?

  • I did this mobile setup too - where FOG is the DHCP server for the clients. However, when I’m booting off my switch to the Fog Laptop, I am not getting PXE to even pickup up other pc to be imaged from my Fog server. Any tweaks to (Ubuntu 0.04) DHCP that I might be overlooking? Thanks all

  • I have done this using an old dell laptop and a cheap netgear workgroup switch. You probably won’t be able to do any multicast or things like that, but for imaging a lab of machines, it works great.

    I would not plug the fog server into the campus switch because you will have machines that pickup a dhcp address from your “mobile” fog box.

    I would let the mobile box do everything, dhcp etc. plug the machines you want to image into the switch you bring with you pxe boot them and go to town.

  • Just by curiosity: why should I use a fog VM rather than a fresh install? About the switch: I guess it’s nog problem to plug the laptop directly in the campus switvch?

  • I can report that if you download the fog VM and use JUST a 5 port switch and designate the fog server for DHCP you can use it as a stand alone imaging solution. Not ideal, but it does work.

    Simply upload an image to the mobile unit and turn it loose on the remote locations.

  • I’m pretty new at this fog game, but based on what I’ve read having the Fog server change IP addresses every time you plug it into a different subnet is going to be a challenge. There are numerous posts here on what you need to do. I suggest keeping them close by as a reference. Also, DHCP modifications will be something else you’ll need to deal with. I suppose you could have a set of static IP addresses (one for each subnet) that you change the server to whenever you visit that subnet. Please report back how this works out.