• Hello, we are having some problems using the Surface 3 with Fog. The Surface Pro 3 (and MS ethernet adapter) works great. The Surface 3 (w/ same ethernet adapter) however will not even let me register the device or of course upload/download. We get to the PXE boot screen. But then if i go to register (full or quick) it starts and then i get an error " Cannot find SDD on System ". I went to the FOG compatibility Test and it’s results say Network - Pass; Disk - Fail. Try using a New Kernel. I went to the website and i think i updated the latest kernel. But still no go.

    Kernel - 4.1.2 TomElliott
    Date : July 22, 2015
    Version : 4.1.2
    FOG Type: TomElliott
    Arch Type: (x86_64)

    Has anyone else had any luck on using Fog 1.2 with the Surface 3 (not Surface Pro 3) or have any ideas for me. I would greatly appreciate it.


  • @Wayne-Workman I forgot to set rule option 66 to the server ip and it totally works. You’re the best! Thank you for all you do!

  • @chamzod the root directory for tftp on a fog server is /tftpboot, you can’t go lower than that. So when you tftp in, you’re already in /tftpboot

    So leave that part off, just the file name is fine.

    However - there are 32 bit iPXE binaries in there that you would need to specify the directory for, since they are in a directory. I think it’s i386-something/files

  • @Wayne-Workman when i set the option so i need to use /tftpboot/ipxe.efi? or will ipxe.efi work on its own?

  • @chamzod said in Surface 3 and Fog 1.2:

    @Wayne-Workman I know this is quite old but you’re very good at replying to stuff so im testing my luck. How do you use the .efi boot file?

    By setting option 067 in your DHCP server. 🙂

    You can setup co-existence for both an .efi file and a bios file by following this article:

    And I know, a 3 minute response time for new post in an 8 month old thread is totally unacceptable.

  • @Wayne-Workman I know this is quite old but you’re very good at replying to stuff so im testing my luck. How do you use the .efi boot file?

  • You have to specify that the NIC is a USB adapter with a kernel parameter on the host’s general page. YOu must set the ‘has_usb_nic=1’ kernel parameter.

    So, it should look like this:


    But, I believe that Surface 3s are UEFI, so you will need to use an .efi boot file. All the boot files available are in the /tftpboot directory, I suggest trying ipxe.efi first.

    Past these things, you will need to upgrade to trunk, I believe, for better Windows Tablet support. There’s been a lot of work done in this area in FOG Trunk. You will still need to use the .efi files and the kernel arguments with fog trunk, but you might have better odds with getting it working and getting all the partitions to recognize correctly. Here’s info on FOG Trunk: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Upgrade_to_trunk

    Please report your findings - this is how you give back to the fog project - by reporting back with details.