UNSOLVED My Virtual Machine keep uploading as Raw file type

  • I seem to be having a problem that I can’t quite figure out. I have an existing Virtual Machine we’ll call machine 1, and a new VM we’ll call machine 2. They both have the exact same settings on the VM side. On the Fog side, both image file containers were created as NTFS single partition resizable. Both machines upload, but one goes raw, while the other works fine. The Raw one, when put onto a client laptop does “image” but upon boot, there is no operating system. Thoughts? Kevin.

  • Senior Developer

    My only guess is the partition sets are setup in GPT, and 0.32 can’t recognize the GPT structures. Because of this, it can’t recognize the partition as ntfs and tries to upload as RAW.

    While 0.32 is Old and reliable, it’s obviously not working for your needs right now correct?

    I am a fan of 0.32 and understand hesitation is moving to a newer version. I would take a look at the image definition and make sure it’s not set to DD or Raw image type. I don’t think you can do Resizable without sysprep on 0.32, so if you’re not trying to do sysprep, make sure the image type os Multi-Part Nonresizable. If it’s still uploading in raw, then there’s likely something else the matter.

  • 0.32 is the version of Fog…old yes, but reliable. Win 7 on the VM’s.

  • What version of FOG? What Operating System is installed on the VMs?