UNSOLVED Trunk Update Problems!

  • Hiya!

    I’m having a right mare’ with Trunk svn versions when I install them. It sadly just breaks stuff! I had to rebuild my server on Friday as it wouldn’t install PHP5…even though its installed lol

    Anyway, main issues:

    1. Disk usage graph on the main page breaks.
    2. Bandwidth graphs at the bottom of the main page breaks.
    3. iPXE never seems to actually image a machine
    4. WebUI becomes painful slow.

    These are the ones off the top of my head. I’m not being negative, just an observation.

    How stable is SVN versions?



  • I’m confused.

    What is the problem?

  • @mmoseley

    I’d say only set your proxy settings when you need to update your OS and FOG, otherwise just leave them off. Someone else might give a better solution later, so keep an eye on this thread over the next few days.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Hi, after doing a little bit of digging. It looks like there is a problem with the “Proxy Settings” bit of FOG. Granted I do think its more than likely our firewall that’s the issue.

    When it has our proxy settings in FOG, it displays the disk space as NaN% and no bandwidth graphs, and the WebUI becomes slower.

    Take the proxy settings out and the graphs display correctly but obviously the things such as Kernel Updater stops working etc.

    Any thoughts? I do just believe its our proxy though.

  • Apologies Wayne,

    I didn’t mean to come across as negative. I’m not really asking for help, its just some observations really.

    I have been with FOG since, god…the very early days. Since it began almost i’d say. I’m a very big fan and I love the work you guys do!

    Thanks for the tips of the problems, Ill certainly have a look at the Log Viewer!

    Kind Regards,


  • @mmoseley

    I use various versions of FOG Trunk at six different sites at work, it works with minimal issues. When we have issues, I report them and the developers work on a fix and normally have a fix in a few hours, a few days max. I also run FOG Trunk at home. Several people here who frequent the forums run FOG Trunk in a production environment too. I consider FOG Trunk to be quite stable and well worth the move simply for the vast improvements and feature implementations, not to mention the new client as well.

    We really need more than “It doesn’t work right / it’s slow” in order to help you.

    For the web UI issues, there’s an area in FOG Configuration -> Log Viewer -> Apache error logs that are needed to troubleshoot that problem. You may also output the Apache errors via CLI but I can’t give you a command for that because you didn’t tell us your OS. For the PHP5 issue, there is an installation log that shows the exact errors, these errors will also show up in the system logs, too… but again… we need the OS version to give you a command for that.